So how much does upholstery cleaning cost? A lot of factors affect the price that local upholstery cleaners charge, but the most important one is the size of your sofa. If you’re cleaning a small couch, then you can expect to pay somewhere around $50. On the other hand, clients planning to clean their large family-sized sofa may have to shell out around $200.

Of course, the price will still vary depending on the type of cleaning required. If it has minimal dirt and dust, then the upholstery cleaning cost will be very affordable. Meanwhile, cleaning a sofa filled with stains, dirt, and dust will definitely cost a little more.

You don’t have to guess what your upholstery cleaning cost will be! At All Access Carpets and Upholstery, we conduct free on-site consultations to determinate exactly how much you need to pay. It’s a no-commitment session where you can decide to either take or refuse our services. So call us now in NY at (646) 682-0505 or in NJ at (201) 885-1070 for appointment bookings in or near Brooklyn, NY.

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